A Passion for People Driven by Their Success.

Our passion begins with a desire to help our members help themselves build their careers in precision sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing.  It all starts with a plan to develop the right competencies and skills to advance in the direction they choose.  With focused training on best-in-industry Amada lasers, turrets, and auto tool load press brakes together with short and long-term goal setting each member has complete control of how far they can grow their careers in precision sheet metal fabrication. 

Career development at Du Fresne Manufacturing is supported by our philosophy of promoting from within and begins with comprehensive training on "state of the industry" equipment and processes progressing to higher levels of responsibility such as Group Lead, Quality Control, Engineering, Purchasing and many other areas as you master the steps of you career plan. 

If you have the need to express your creativity working in manufacturing and the drive to build a lifelong career beyond what you thought possible, Du Fresne Manufacturing wants to hear from you.  Click the learn more link for a list of "Career Beginnings" and submit your application on-line. 


KR began his career with Du Fresne Manufacturing Family in August 2003 as an engineer. Throughout his tenure, he has also broadened his efforts through memberships in various committees, Six Sigma training, continuous improvement projects, and developing/training a blue print reading course. With the reorganization of Plant 2 in 2009, KR was promoted to Group Lead of our Assembly/Shipping Teams and is responsible for several changes that had led to continuous cost savings and process improvements. In 2012, he transferred to Plant 1 Group Lead in manufacturing, responsible for C-Cell fabrication. Later in 2012, KR was promoted to Operations Manager, responsible for all manufacturing, assembly, shipping and logistics. In 2015, KR became a member of the Executive Management Team.

Du Fresne Manufacturing Operations Manager