Leadership Mission

Beyond the Field of View…

At most companies the word “Leadership” refers to top management or the most senior leaders in an organization.  They are the leaders that set the direction for the company, and unfortunately, many never wait around to see or experience the results of their plan.  This is definitely not the case at Du Fresne Manufacturing Company. 

Leadership, in our system, defines the purpose for inspiring our unwavering commitment to Human Development.  At Du Fresne it starts at the bottom with the CEO and extends up into the organization touching everyone.   We are very proud to say that every member plays an important role on a supporting team.

The Du Fresne Leadership System has four strategic leadership teams:

  • The Employee Communication Exchange (ECE) consisting of All DMC Members 
    • Leadership integration and two-way communication
    • Defines our culture
    • Community involvement
  • The Performance Advisory Group (PAG) consisting of 15 Members 
    • Evaluates processes for consistency
    • Supports our core values
  • The Leadership Advisory Team (LAT) consisting of 5 Members 
    • Seeks and achieves efficiencies across all business units
    • Carries out our mission
  • The Executive Management Team (EMT) consisting of 6 Members
    • Creates and evaluates key strategic objectives
    • Defines our vision

These 4 groups consistently and effectively engage every member of our company in our strategy and decision making process through ongoing collaborative meetings.  Each member is guided by our Code of Ethics and Conduct and grounded by our strong organizational Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our endless pursuit of excellence, managed and supported by the leadership system, is the basis for our robust and coveted culture of human development and our highly talented and exceptionally loyal workforce.