Embracing for a Better Future...

The purpose of a Corporate Vision Statement is to create a clear direction in which members can walk to the future, look back and see what the organization is going to represent.   They can ask themselves the question; Is this what I wish to be a part of and create my identity?  Along our journey we gave birth to a space between the business opportunities we have created and the heartfelt obligation to our members and their personal development.

Our Vision

“We are the organization of choice by providing opportunities for all people to help themselves and have a positive impact on the world.”

Mastering our “Mission”

The purpose behind a Mission Statement is again to create direction going forward with uncompromising focus that will achieve the Vision.  Our Senior Leaders are one with the “Obligation” they have in mining the best opportunities that allow all members the best chance to develop “Sellable" future skills.  In addition, our members deserve the right to exceed greater potential than they ever thought possible.

Our Mission

"As a Precision Metal Manufacturer, we excel in sustaining a culture that fosters relentless employee development/empowerment, innovation, state of the industry technology, and continuous improvement that delivers exceptional stakeholder value."

Core Values with No Middle Ground

Not to be confused with Business Strategy or a Business Plan, Core Values of our business never change.  These are the foundational “foot prints” we follow in all circumstances, no matter how difficult.  In other words, these are the principles we stand for:

  • Ever Improving Value to Our Employees Ability to Contribute to Their Success

  • Focus on Creating Value that Delivers the Best Cost for Ever-Changing Markets and Requirements

  • Personal Accountability Base of the Organization

  • Managing for Innovation

  • Communicating Accurate Performance Indicators and Results

  • Creating an Environment that Adds Value for our Stakeholders

  • Adapting Work Systems and Processes that Ensure a Living Vision

  • Social Responsibility and Community Involvement