The VIS Team (Visionary Innovation System)  consists of 25 members at Du Fresne Manufacturing. Coupled with their years of manufacturing experience, commitment to innovative process development and forward thinking mentality, we have successfully achieved discontinuous change not previously realized at Du Fresne Manufacturing. In defining innovation we answer the question: Where is it innovative?

  • In our industry

  • At Du Fresne Manufacturing

  • At our customers

Our VIS teams meet on a regular basis to collaborate on new ideas/equipment/processes that may potentially become mainstays in Du Fresne’s customer value stream of innovation, substantial cost reductions due to improvements in process or technology and industry based education of our members

To date, our teams have successfully implemented:

  • Pre-painted aluminum chassis (cost savings of eliminating paint as well as a reduction in lead time)
  • Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) .012” thick aluminum sheets bonded to plastic
  • Custom packaging machines
  • Research and Development on new “Game-Changing” equipment not seen in North America, such as our new Amada HG 1003 ATC press brake and Amada’s Flexible Manufacturing Cell LC 2512 modified to our specification.
  • Special Processes in welding that eliminates the black color seen on welded Stainless Steel.
  • Engineering software that eliminates processing time to the manufacturing floor.
  • New process to remove weld discoloration from stainless steel welds
  • New deburring process that saves 85% of the time to deburr a part in the flat.

The graphic below lists 21 successful VIS projects.