Du Fresne Manufacturing is a proven leader in sheet metal fabrication through our use of innovative new technologies, world class quality & exceptional customer care. Continuous improvement in our process and capabilities allow us to provide customers with unique, cost-effective and efficient service over our competitors. We provide exceptional metal forming, meet aggressive tolerances, and provide complex assemblies while meeting consistent quality standards and lead-times. Through a complete and collaborative service model, we work closely with customers from the design stages through volume production.

Our sheet metal fabrication services include:


Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming is the core of what we do at Du Fresne and what sets us apart from the competition. Du Fresne’s state of the industry Amada Fiber Optic Turret/Laser combo and Amada HG-ATC press brakes work together to produce both simple and complex metal shapes. Our Salvagnini P2 Panel Bender reduces forming costs and labor by up to 50%.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Du Fresne’s Amada 2515 Laser/Turret combination cuts CRS, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-plated steel and more. We continually invest in innovative technologies to reduce sheet metal fabrication costs.

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Precision Metal Stamping

Du Fresne’s high speed lasers and innovative technologies provide an alternative process to Precision Metal Stamping in many applications. Additionally, laser processes can accommodate design changes instantly, compared to traditional metal stamping where tooling changes can delay delivery by up to 10 weeks. Learn more about our Fiber Optic Turret/Laser combination to understand how your precision metal stamping requirements can be met at Du Fresne.

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Welding and Metal Fabrication

Du Fresne’s efficient machine technology results in the elimination of grinding costs and increased productivity during welding and metal fabrication. Du Fresne offers both MIG and TIG welding with both spot and robotic capabilities.

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Welding Alternatives

Zip-Tech is an alternative technique to welding that is proprietary to Du Fresne Manufacturing. Zip-Tech is a zipper-like construction that allows sheet metal to be joined without welding and grinding, eliminating the release of hazardous emissions. In the right applications, Zip-Tech can save customers up to 25% compared to traditional joining.

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