Precision Metal Stamping

Du Fresne’s industry leading technology for precision sheet metal fabrication delivers the highest quality product development. We provide precision metal stamping alternatives through our advanced equipment and machine tooling. Metal stamping and precision metal fabrication processes are similar, but they differ when it comes to capabilities and equipment. Punch presses used in the stamping industry are generally utilized for high volume production in quantities starting at 20,000 parts per year and require higher cost tooling.

Recently acquired manufacturing capabilities have positioned Du Fresne to be competitive with the stamping and punch press industry at lower volumes. Our precision metal stamping alternatives include laser cutting tools that can meet significant volumes while avoiding the cost of tooling. Because laser cutting is a digital process, Du Fresne can accommodate design changes without incremental tooling charges, further positioning our process as an excellent alternative to precision metal stamping. A change in tooling could delay delivery by up to 10 weeks, while design changes in a digital process can be accommodated instantly.

We surpass our competitors through our continually improved customer service, technology and precision metal stamping alternatives.

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