Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming is a process used to modify metal geometries to create both simple and complex shapes, which ultimately become products. Du Fresne Manufacturing employs the most modern and efficient technologies to offer short lead-times and the highest quality sheet metal forming solutions for our customers.

Our Amada Fiber Optic Turret/Laser combo is often the first step in our sheet metal forming process. It features four tapping stations with a lean conveyor system to feed resulting parts directly to Amada HG-ATC press brakes. This combination and configuration of tools dramatically reduces cycle times. Follow-up processes for sheet metal forming include hardware insertion, welding, grinding, finishing and assembly. This highly efficient fiber optic laser is not only environmentally friendly; it also maximizes production, and in turn lowers costs.

Du Fresne Manufacturing consistently invests in new equipment and processes to ensure we lead the market in quality, efficiency, and cost, all in an effort to provide a high-quality, low cost solution to our customers. For sheet metal forming, we use state-of-the-industry Amada HG-ATC (Auto Tool Change) press brakes, which requires minimal setup. The HG-ATC bend indicator automatically adjusts for variations in material thickness and all tools load within minutes! We also feature the Salvagnini P2 Panel Bender, which reduces welding time, forming costs, and labor by 50%.

Sheet metal forming provides higher quality, shorter lead times and improved aesthetics when compared to other manufacturing processes. Du Fresne offers the most efficient technology in our industry and complete service from design through assembly. Contact us today with specifications for your sheet metal forming needs.