Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Du Fresne Manufacturing is the leading provider of sheet metal laser cutting through our investment in the latest equipment and our development of world class processes. Laser cutting sheet metal avoids tooling costs and leaves no sharp edges on the bottom of the cut, which reduces post-processing time and expense. The machine setup cost for a laser is also 7% less than other methods. Turret press punching can add formed features such as embosses, half-shears, hinge knuckles, and card guides and is only effective when parts are simple and very high volume. Du Fresne’s capabilities for sheet metal laser cutting provide a highly effective solution for mid to low volume production, fast turn times and accommodation of design iterations.

Du Fresne’s Amada 2515 Laser/Turret combo machine can laser cut all types of sheet metal including CRS, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-plated steel, and more. Our continuous investment in new equipment and processes reduces cost and lead-time for sheet metal laser cutting and all of our sheet metal fabrication services.

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