Technology and Innovation are the basis of everything we do at Du Fresne Manufacturing Company.  You might think it only applies to the equipment and systems we use to manufacture precision metal fabrications but at Du Fresne it encompasses much more. 

Technology and Innovation starts with our people and our culture by giving each member the opportunity to develop their careers through our Performance Preview and Development Process (PPDP) providing training and experience on some of the best equipment and methods in our industry. Our innovative culture is wrapped around continual support and growth in Human Development based on each member's "plan" with clear and measurable goals to improve their careers.  

Technology and Innovation in manufacturing begins with our Visionary Innovation System (VIS) keeping our members involved in researching, developing and implementing innovative equipment, systems and methods based on improvements to cost, quality and efficiencies on a continual basis.  Click on our Technology Tour for a close look at our state of the industry equipment and services.

More simply put, every area at Du Fresne is driven by technology and innovation from accounting to shipping and everything in between.  Please take a few moments to read about more specific areas noted to the left.