Welding Alternatives

Sheet metal welding is typically an expensive component of the metal fabrication process and often includes mechanical fasteners, spot welds, and filler metals, which also drives up the cost. Du Fresne has developed an innovative welding alternative called Zip-Tech. This unique approach to welding is designed to reduce cost and eliminate the potentially hazardous emissions traditional welding creates. The zipper-like construction of Zip-Tech allows various types of sheet metal to be joined without welding and grinding. This process works well for parts with pre-plated materials to eliminate toxic fumes and in areas where welding cannot reach joints and in cost sensitive designs.

Most types of sheet metal can be used with our Zip-Tech welding alternative including CRS, galvannealed steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Zip-Tech, when applied properly, provides a high-quality welding alternative while saving up to 25% in fabrication costs. 

Du Fresne is committed to providing state-of-the-industry technologies to provide the best manufacturing services while reducing production costs and delivery times. Contact us at 651-483-8130 to learn if our welding alternatives can improve your product!