Du Fresne's High Performance Zip-Tech Metal Joining Technology was developed by our very own Steve Rosenthal.  Steve was challenged to develop a technology to replace the welding of pre-plated material due to the hazardous fumes created by the process.

Zip-Tech Value Statement

             In the right application Zip-Tech replaces welding 

                    and saves fabrication costs of up to 25% 

With Zip-Tech you no longer weld or grind for appearance and as you form the part the "zippers" snap together providing a finished component ready for the paint shop.   Another key value is that Du Fresne will review your drawings to determine if our technology will fit your design and provide an "as drawn" estimate along our reduced price due to this great technology.   Prototypes are always recommended.

Send us your prints (info@dufresnemfg.com) and we'll let you know how Zip-Tech can help you reduce your cost substantially!

Zip-Tech also works with CRS, aluminum and stainless steel sheet materials.  See some examples below.