Example Products

Du Fresne Manufacturing uses innovative technologies and world class quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Consistent Precision drives our custom sheet metal fabrication process development to ensure we deliver best-in-industry quality throughout your experience. Our services allow us to produce many types of products including sheet metal enclosures, kiosks, medical carts, and server racks.

A few of our sheet metal fabrication products include:


Sheet Metal Enclosures

Du Fresne manufactures sheet metal enclosures for an extensive range of industries such as electrical, electronics, environmental, medical, military, power generation and more. Sheet metal enclosures are commonly manufactured using stainless steel and preplated steel, along with CRS, aluminum and other types of sheet metal. Our technology also benefits complex, high volume enclosure designs and improves the overall assembly process while reducing overall cost.

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Kiosk Manufacturer

Du Fresne is an industry leading kiosk manufacturer that is committed to developing innovative solutions and delivering exceptional customer service. Innovative technology provides the opportunity for companies to interact digitally, efficiently and locally with customers via self-service kiosks. As a kiosk manufacturer, we are flexible in our manufacturing process, which allows us to integrate our services to our customers at any point during the design process.

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Medical Cart Manufacturer

Du Fresne Manufacturing serves a wide variety of industries, providing additional value through our diverse set of services and capabilities. As a medical cart manufacturer, we create a full line of private label medical carts including treatment, isolation, anesthesia, ER carts and more. We custom engineer your medical cart to meet your precise needs.

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Server Rack Manufacturer

Du Fresne Manufacturing caters to diverse industries, ranging from medical to military clientele. Fabricating sheet metal enclosures is our bread and butter, making us the perfect choice as your server rack manufacturer. The advantage to choosing Du Fresne is twofold: not only do you have access to a precision fabrication workforce, you also benefit from a collective 100 years of industrial design and machining experience. We specialize in customizing our products to work with our customers and pride ourselves in offering unconventional solutions to unique issues.

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