Kiosk Manufacturer

Du Fresne is an industry leading kiosk manufacturer that is committed to developing innovative solutions and delivering exceptional customer service. Innovative technology provides the opportunity for companies to interact digitally, efficiently and locally with customers via self-service kiosks. As a kiosk manufacturer, we are flexible in our manufacturing process, which allows us to integrate our services to our customers at any point during the design process. We work with customers from brainstorming and product definition, through assembly and production launch. Our past projects include point-of-purchase (POP) kiosks, fitness video systems, x-ray film imaging, ATMs, library systems and training systems.

We deliver customized kiosks manufactured from various types of materials such as CRS, preplated steel or aluminum. Alternative material options include stainless steel, aluminum composite material (ACM), engineered wood products and plastic. We can work with nearly any material that will fit the requirement of your kiosk design.

Du Fresne offers the highest quality and value for our customers through innovative solutions to traditional kiosk designs. Contact us at 651-483-8130 to learn how we can customize and manufacture kiosks that meet your requirements!