Medical Cart Manufacturer

Du Fresne Manufacturing serves a wide variety of industries, providing additional value through our diverse set of services and capabilities. As a medical cart manufacturer, we create a full line of private label medical carts including treatment, isolation, anesthesia, ER carts and more. We custom engineer your medical cart to meet your precise needs. At Du Fresne, we call this “Cartology, The Science of Carts.” You no longer need to purchase a cart off of a shelf that meets most of your requirements. We customize each cart to fit your exact requirements.

With our extensive fabrication capabilities and alternative material options, we are the most proficient medical cart manufacturer in the industry. Our material options include stainless steel, plastic and aluminum. We also specialize in providing alternative material options such as vinyl covered steel, including a spectrum of colors, wood grain, and varying sizes. We provide your custom medical cart exactly the way you need it: high performance, durable finish, unique appearance, low cost.

  • Sizing ranges from 27”W x 39”T x 27”D up to 42”W x 45”T x 27”D
  • Standard drawer sizes include 3”, 6” and 9”
  • Custom drawer designs include options for size, use of sliding shelves and doors
  • Standard cart body color is light gray
  • Drawer front color options: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue
  • Custom paint colors available upon request
  • Lifetime warranty

As your single-source partner we produce complex, specific-use custom carts all the way from concept to delivery. We work closely with your development team to design carts for medical, industrial or any other application you may have. Our advantage allows us to fully meet and exceed your expectations for your medical cart projects.

Contact us at 651-483-8130 to learn how we can optimize your product and meet your unique requirements for a medical cart manufacturer!