Sheet Metal Enclosures

Du Fresne manufactures sheet metal enclosures for an extensive range of industries such as electrical, electronics, environmental, medical, military, power generation and more. Through our value-added assembly and state-of-the-industry technologies, we manufacture sheet metal enclosures to meet the precise requirements of our customers. Sheet metal enclosures are commonly manufactured using stainless steel and preplated steel, along with CRS, aluminum and other types of sheet metal. Our technology also benefits complex, high volume enclosure designs and improves the overall assembly process while reducing overall cost.

Examples of sheet metal enclosures fabricated by Du Fresne include:

  • Rack enclosures
  • Control box enclosures
  • Motion control enclosures
  • Medical device enclosures
  • Communication device enclosures
  • 3-D printing

Using our innovative technologies, we offer the best fabrication services for our customers including sheet metal forming, laser cutting, TIG/MIG welding and robotic welding. Contact us at 651-483-8130 to learn how we can design and improve your sheet metal enclosure or project!