Du Fresne Manufacturing has various types of metal fabrication materials and methods to meet the desired qualities of our customer’s final product. Our effective methods formulate the required metal properties in strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. Whether through welding, bending or cutting, our techniques produce metal materials that can be used in many industries ranging from medical to industrial, electronics and food services.

Our metal fabrication materials include aluminum, stainless steel and steel.


Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum is one of our top fabrication capabilities among all metal fabrication materials. It is an excellent material for its durability, versatility and lightweight properties. Aluminum also has good thermal and electrical conductivity and is particularly useful for low-temperature applications. We provide a variety of aluminum fabrication options for alloy properties differing in strength, hardness and durability.

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Aluminum Composite Material Fabrication

We also provide aluminum composite material fabrication, which is better than standard metal fabrication materials. This aluminum/polyethylene hybrid material is normally used in either light weight or highly structural material. With NMR technology, we provide increased design flexibility and quick delivery cycles for aluminum composite material. The material is robust, formable by hand, available in multiple finishes and is best for indoor or outdoor application.

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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Our stainless steel fabrication is a perfect solution for highly corrosive environments. Stainless steel fabricates exceptionally well and is able to maintain its high-quality appearance through its long-term value. It is used in medical or household appliances including many other applications. Stainless steel does not require any post-finishing such as paint or plating, which eliminates post-fabrication costs, despite its higher cost over other metals.

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Steel Fabrication

In steel fabrication, we work with cold rolled steel and pre-plated steel for different applications and appearances. Steel is the most common metal fabrication material and provides the necessary strength and durability for many industries. It is useful in both large and small structures from machinery to construction materials. Not only is it extensively customizable, it is environmentally safe and has the lowest cost compared to stainless steel and aluminum.

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