Aluminum Fabrication

Du Fresne Manufacturing provides aluminum fabrication as a core capability, and aluminum is a popular solution for many different applications. We serve and work with industries in medical, industrial equipment, defense, electronics, interactive media and other markets who often choose aluminum for its strength and weight characteristics. We have an extensive list of aluminum fabrication options depending on your application’s requirements and your expectations for finish.

Different aluminum alloys have various properties in strength, hardness and durability. Our aluminum fabrication options include:

  • 5052-H32 (forms very easily)
  • 6061-T6 (35% stronger than 5052-H32)
  • 1100-H14 (high weldability, corrosion resistance, formability)
  • 3003-H14 (20% stronger than 1100 grades)
  • 5005-H34 (suitable for anodizing)

Although the cost of aluminum is roughly 3 times more than CRS and about the same as stainless Steel per pound, aluminum is 50% lighter than CRS and stainless steel. It has excellent durability, conductivity and lightweight properties for a wide variety of applications. We also utilize a Timesaver rotary deburring system that removes burrs, sharp edges and laser slag in 90% less time than other methods

DuFresne provides the best aluminum metal fabrication services in the industry and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific project and requirements.