NMR Technology - Envision Plastics and Design

Envision Plastics and Design is a unique plastic enclosure manufacturer. Using a technology called NMR (No Molds Required), Envision fabricates custom plastic enclosures, plastic panels, and various other types of plastic electronic control housings. With NMR Technology, Envision specializes in short to medium production manufacturing volumes (5-5000 EAU), including prototype manufacturing.

The NMR Technology was discovered by employees of Du Fresne in 1999 and a spin off manufacturing company was created in 2000. The NMR plastic fabrication method combines elements of woodworking (tongue and groove), sheet metal (forming/solvent welding), and of course, basic plastic fabrication. Combine all three, throw in some additional unique process elements, and you end up with NMR Technology. Some would say Envision’s NMR Technology bridges a gap between sheet metal fabrication and plastic fabrication. Additional advantages of NMR are described throughout Envision’s website.

In addition to plastics fabrication, Envision also uses its manufacturing capabilities to fabricate custom parts made from Aluminum Composite Materials.  ACM is most easily described as a material that has a polyethylene core and is capped on both sides by aluminum facers.  Aluminum Composite Materials are pre-finished, robust, light, easily digitally printed on, and can be formed by hand.  The ease of fabrication allows for the customer to bend and assemble their product on-site to reduce warehouse inventory space and allow for shipping in the flat state rather than ship air inside the fabricated part. Please see Envision’s specialized ACM page at ACMFabricator.com.