Steel Fabrication

Du Fresne Manufacturing prides ourselves on our ability to meet our customer requirements through a wide range of materials such as cold rolled steel, stainless steel, preplated steel and aluminum. Cold rolled steel is one of the most common materials and is a cost-effective solution for precision metal fabrication, primarily because of its low cost. Steel fabrication provides the durability and strength necessary for many applications. It is widely customizable, environmentally safe and has the lowest cost compared to stainless steel and aluminum.

We work primarily with cold rolled steel (CRS) and pre-plated steel. The CRS sheets require a finish such as paint or plating to prevent oxidation. We also work with pre-plated galvannealed and galvanized steel, which is recommended for exterior and interior applications. Galvannealed steel fabrication typically has a gray matte appearance and has a paint adhesion quality which makes it highly durable. Galvanized steel fabrication has a mottled or spangled appearance and is used in special applications.

In addition to its cost savings, cold rolled steel fabrication is reliable and offers exceptional design potential, due to CRS’S modern style and flexibility. Some industries that require steel fabrication include:

  • Medical
  • Communications
  • High Tech
  • Industrial

We ensure the highest quality services and additional value for every industry we serve. For steel fabrication and other materials, we design, manufacture, and assemble precision sheet metal at competitive prices. We are efficient and diverse with our capabilities as professional manufacturers and leaders. For more information on precision fabrication please visit our Contact Us Page or call us at (651) 483-8130.