We've been in business since 1991, precision sheet metal fabrication is our business, it's all we do and we're very good at it.  At our core is an intense continuous improvement mentality that drives what we do every day and asks the question: How do we continually provide better value to our customers?  10 simple words that drive a highly focused business model that includes:

  • Understanding the technology needs of our markets/customers
    • State of the industry equipment evaluation
      • Annual Fabtech equipment show
      • Annual Amada Japan equipment preview
  • Precision sheet metal fabrication means complex, very close-tolerance work
    • Tolerance capability to +/- .001"
  • Highly talented, experienced and extremely loyal workforce
  • All paint finishes
    • Powder coat
    • Wet paint
    • Silk screen
  • All plating finishes
  • Strong continuous improvement mentality
    • 5000+ document change requests (DCR's) processed every year
    • 2500 for continuous improvement
  • Industry leading quality rating
  • Constant VOC (Voice Of the Customer) evaluation
    • Comprehensive VOC/Competitive Assessment


To lead the industry in precision sheet metal fabrication you need to have the most advanced capabilities available today. Du Fresne Manufacturing continuously improves our technology, capabilities and services to provide the best possible value for our customers.