Du Fresne's reputation for excellent quality and service sets the bar high for our industry and competition. We strive, driven by our commitment to the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework, to continually implement and refine the systems and processes we use to manage our business. 

  • Quality at Du Fresne begins with our Quality Management System (QMS) as an Customer Experience System (CES) to accurately transfer written and unwritten knowledge from our customers to assure that parts are delivered as required.  The system is designed to engage our customers through a series of formal processes that uncover incomplete and unwritten detail necessary for parts that meet 100% of your requirements.
  • The detailed information transferred to our Sales Engineer through the CES becomes part of our Planning of Product Realization (PPR) and Contract Review (CR) which includes Du Fresne members in Engineering, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Purchasing to assure 100% of your requirements are met.
  • The next step is our Manufacturing Engineering Process (MEP) where all of this information is used to create a comprehensive production routing detailing all the steps necessary to satisfy all print requirements including CTQ's defined by our customer and Du Fresne's engineering department, First part Inspections (FPI), In Process Inspections (IPI), and Last Part Inspections (LPI)
  • The final process is managed by our Quality Assurance department and is either a DMC First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) documenting CTQ's or a full 100% Fair intended for our customers' internal quality requirements.


What this all comes down to is a constant focus on customer satisfaction supported by a very robust, continually measured and improved, Quality Management System



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