How effectively we source, negotiate, and contract for the goods we procure on behalf of our customers is a strong component of our competitive advantage.  Due to the diversity of customers and markets we serve, our sourcing department has developed best cost supply chain relationships covering many different industries and markets:

  • Raw material (sheet, tubing, pipe and bar stock)
  • Hardware
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • PCB's
  • Custom wire and cable assemblies
  • Machined goods
  • Paint, silk screen and plating

With over 100 years of combined experience, our sourcing team continually evaluates and delivers best overall cost based on the following:

  • Understanding current spend based on:
    • Who we purchase from
    • What we purchase
    • Where goods are produced
  • Understanding global market/commodity costs
  • Total cost analysis:
    • Purchase order cost
    • Quality
    • Logistics
    • Communication
    • Availability
    • Responsiveness
  • Identification, certification and ongoing evaluation/improvement of suitable suppliers.
  • Formal sourcing strategy to increase utilization (inventory turns) and minimize risk and cost.
  • Supplier negotiations for products, favored terms/discounts, combined pricing and availability
  • Track results and continually reevaluate for best practice
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